Annual professional award


Main categories

Best Cameraman

13 participants
Description: specialist with the most creative
attitude to mordern wedding video shooting,
with the most interesting plans
and visual solutions.
Evaluated: cutting of video episodes, showing
cameraman skills, work with illumination
and edditional equipment.
Duration: maximum 5 minutes.


Daniel Carvajal
Daniel Carvajal
Cuernavaca, Mexiko
Based in Mexico, Danny Carvajal provides creative wedding videography services around the world. I would be honored to be a part of your wedding day.
Daniel Mendes
Daniel Mendes
Fortaleza, Brasilien
A talented modern videographer from Brazil, founder of DVM Film, winner of the most prestigious awards in the field of wedding video - Inspiration Golden Lens, WEVA Award 2017
Tamen and Belen
Tamen and Belen
Castellón de la Plana, Spanien
We do not want to be the girls in the video, we want to be Tamen and Belen the videographers of your wedding.
Chevy Ojanco
Chevy Ojanco
Jaén, Spanien
If you want to see the film of your wedding with enthusiasm and hope that it will not be forgotten for years in any home bookshelf, get something that you like from the heart.
Tomas Cristobal
Tomas Cristobal
Calahorra, Spanien
We are Tomas and Maite, we greatly enjoy wedding videography, we love the final result of each work and all couples are satisfied and grateful. We have a clear line, objectives to follow and we are very happy.
Sergio Goncharoff
Sergio Goncharoff
Málaga, Spanien
The organizer of the annual event for videographers VideoSummit, an experienced professional, videographer, producer.
Dmitry Sedov
Dmitry Sedov
Rom, Italien
Founder of the WEVA, videographer, designer, coach
Alejandro Calore
Alejandro Calore
Rom, Italien
Film Director, specialized in Documentary, and Principal of REAL&SHORT® Films, the author of the first book ever written on Observational Documentary applied to Wedding Cinematography.


WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Shirin+Andy
Videographer Each & Every Moment (London, Vereinigtes Königreich)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Pelayo & Andy - Reflected Hearts
Videographer IVAN MONAGAS (Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Forever
Videographer Guillermo Ruiz (Barcelona, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - 1 pieza
Videographer Alvaro Sanchez // Velvet video (Ávila, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Johnny & Adriana
Videographer Medio Limon (Madrid, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Alejandro & Beatriz
Videographer VisualTec Film Studio (La Coruña, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - MELISSA & JOSE
Videographer Rod&Cone R&C (Madrid, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - VUESTRA BODA, VUESTRA HISTORIA.
Videographer Santiago Escribano (Valencia, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - CAMERA IN MOTION
Videographer EMOTION & MOTION (Madrid, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - VIVIR FUERA
Videographer The Wedding Toon (Valencia, Spanien)
WEVA EsAward 2018 - Best Cameraman - Show Reel Drone and Gimbal 2018
Videographer Igor Kakutin (Torrevieja, Spanien)