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28. Mai 2018
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14 — 20.11.2018
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28.08 — 03.09.2018
Videographer Stephane M
Paris, Frankreich
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"From New York With Love" Love session

"Well here it’s finished here I am in the taxi that brings me back to my airport.I really do not want to leave even if I miss mine a lot Mission accomplished I came to immortalize the lives of my lovers. I am tired but happy, I come back rich from our exchanges, our sharing.
A page turns but we find ourselves in a week for their wedding at the Auberge des Adrets.
Can not wait to find them both again!
Leave for the future a trace of their history here in New York. What is the value of this? It is huge. What would we not give to see our young parents in the moments of their amorous beginnings? I deeply believe in the importance of fixing things sometimes.
Take the time to invite themselves to their side. To live a few days with them, to listen to them tell me their little joys of everyday life. Tell me all their hopes in this period when they are about to say yes. Put my camera a moment on their life. Open a window and capture the scents of their daily newspapers.
Listen to them heartily tell me who they are and what they want to become.
And you ? What trace will you leave in time? ”


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