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Hey fellow filmmakers!
Prepare yourself cause you are not gonna believe what we have found.
Imagine you just shot yet another wedding or event and it’s time to have to dig through all the footage you’ve got. Trimming clips, one by one, cutting out useless pieces of it. Annoying, right?
We met a team who has come up with a solution! These folks are developing new software called NAÏVE. It detects defective clips in the footage so you can create a rough cut out of your only stable good shots. We've chatted with the team and it looks like they also have lots of ambitious features coming soon ?
NAÏVE beta is currently free of charge. Their team is quick to respond to any of the new users’ feedback and suggestions. If any of the above sounds intriguing to you, now is a good time
to give it a shot and participate in NAÏVE’s development process!
P.S. On this stage we recommend that you use it for your basic projects. Keep up your video portfolio while NAÏVE is cleaning up oodles of your footage for you ?
Contact NAÏVE:
NAÏVE in social media: @naive_software
Medium blog:
Videographer Fonvi Studio
Moscow, Russia


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