Videographer Peter Brne
Liu-bli-an-na, Xlô-ven-ni-a
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Olga & Ferdinand // Lake Bled

I think it was just good karma that brought us together. We connected immediately after we skyped. He originates from France and she from Moldova. They live in Brazil and have friends worldwide, so they decided to marry in a picturesque place called Bled ... it is a small lake with an island in the middle. When we met in person things just took off and the two day wedding ahead promised a lot. Incredible energy was present on both days and I felt so excited and calm at the same time ... A month later I delivered a short and a longer film and they were ecstatic about them. Somehow they stayed in my mind for the whole year. I just couldn't spend a week without thinking of them. A year later I made them a surprise anniversary video. While making the video I dared to go further then ever before and you can see the result in video. Thank you Olga and Ferdinand and thank you universe for this dream life Im living.
XO, Peter
Ceremony Venue: Vila Bled
Cinematographer: Studio528
Photographer: Studio528
Wedding Planner: Petra Cuk / Dapetra
Reception Venue: Bled Castle and Vila Bled

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